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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | June 13, 2022

Radars: Inspect Rear Leveling Leg Mounts

AN/TPQ-53(V) radar system operators and maintainers, you had more than 30 days since receipt of CECOM MA-22-03002, dated 4 Jan 2022, to inspect your systems for possible weld cracks. If that didn’t happen, do it NOW. You’ll then have to do it every six months thereafter unless a stabilizing modification kit is applied.

Here’s some background and further details:

Product Manager Multi-Mission Surveillance Systems (PdM M2S2) is fielding various versions of Counter-fire Target Acquisition Radars AN/TPQ-53 (V). These include:
  • AN/TPQ-53(V) 1, NSN 5840-01-601-7155
  • AN/TPQ-53(V) 2, NSN 5840-01-687-2235
  • AN/TPQ-53(V) 3, NSN 5840-01-690-5413
  • AN/TPQ-53(V) 4, NSN 5840-01-690-5476
  • AN/TPQ-53 A (V) 1, NSN 5840-01-676-1540
  • and AN/TPQ-53 A (V) 3, NSN 5840-01-690-5439.
The LIN for these radar systems is R05016.  
Some radar systems have been found to have weld cracks near the rear leveling legs. The cracks were found on either one or both sides of the stationary platform electronics subsystem (SPES) rear leveling leg mount gusset welds. Analysis indicates that cracks are in a high stress area and may worsen through continued use of the AN/TPQ-53(V) system on both even and uneven terrain.
Location of possible weld cracks
A stabilizing modification kit that includes shims, bracket and mounting hardware will be provided to units. Once available, the brackets in the kit are applied by PdM M2S2 or Lockheed. These brackets will reduce the excessive stress that causes the crack to spread. Six-month inspections are not required after the stabilizing mod kit is installed.

The kits will be distributed to units based on priority. Report your weld crack status to PdM M2S2 according to CECOM MA-22-03002 in order to prioritize your system. If you fail to complete the required inspections and actions, it may result in a catastrophic failure of the leveling system, causing the AN/TPQ(V) systems to be non-mission capable.

For detailed inspection instructions with more photos, including POCs, see the complete CECOM-MA-22-03002 (CAC required) HERE.
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