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NEWS | June 13, 2022

MSD-V4: How to Perform Initial Login

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It’s finally time to use the newly fielded Maintenance Support Device Version 4 (MSD-V4) and you have questions. How do I log into the system? Where do I go for help if needed?

You’ll definitely need the assistance of your unit Information Security Systems Officer (ISSO). If your organization doesn’t have an ISSO, a person with similar responsibilities should register for a CMTools account to access the latest updates for the operating system and cyber compliance. The first thing the ISSO will need to do is check CMTool for the default login for your MSD-V4. The CMTool repository also has the latest releases of the software and firmware enhancements.

Once your account is set up, it’s time to fire up your new MSD. Here’s how:
  • Insert the MSD-V4’s battery into the device.
  • Attach the AC cable to supply power to the MSD-V4.
  • Turn on the MSD-V4. Press CTL-ALT-DEL to get started, and once you’ve read the DoD warning click OK.
  • When prompted, the ISSO should enter the temporary user name and password credentials from:
  • Once the temporary credentials are entered, the ISSO or equivalent presses the Enter key or clicks the forward button.
  • The MSD-V4 will prompt the ISSO or equivalent to create a new user name and password. Once the credentials are created, they click OK.
  • The new password must be: 15 characters in length including a minimum of two (2) uppercase letters, a minimum of two (2) lowercase letters, a minimum of two (2)  numbers and a minimum of two (2) special characters.
  • Once an ISSO or equivalent has entered the new password, they click Enter or click the forward arrow. After the reminder about resetting the password every 60 days pops up, they click OK.
  • The initial admin login requires an ISSO or equivalent to activate the operating system, so they’ll need to insert their CAC into the MSD-V4. In the security pop-up window, they should select the bottom-most listed email certification, enter the PIN and select OK.
If the activation fails on the first attempt, don’t worry. The ISSO or equivalent can re-attempt activation using the Activation.ps1 script shortcut located on: C: drive/Activation
Need a hand getting your newly fielded MSD-V4 operational? Call the MSD/ICE help desk at (877) 564-1137.           

Or send an email to them:
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