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NEWS | June 8, 2022

M88A2 Recovery Vehicle: Can a Tension Dynamometer Be Used for Load Testing?

The M88A2 Armored Recovery Vehicle, aka Hercules, is being repaired and refurbished at Production Plant Barstow, Marine Depot Maintenance Command.
Photo by Keith Hayes

Dear Editor,
Logistics assistance representatives (LARs) often receive questions about whether a tension dynamometer can be used instead of stacked weight or another type of load when load testing the M88A2 recovery vehicle.                    
In short: No!
When used for a load test, the tension dynamometer is attached to one end of the lifting device and the other end to a fixed object that is usually anchored to ground. This won’t produce an accurate load test because it only measures tension but not droop.
The only authorized load test procedures for the M88A2 are listed in TM 9-2350-292-23-5 (May 22) and TM 9-2350-292-23-6 (May 22).               

Timothy Blair
Ft Hood, TX

Editor’s note: Thanks for the great info, sir!

Maintainers, make sure you follow the load testing procedures exactly as outlined in the TM.
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