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NEWS | May 25, 2022

Small Arms: Don’t Disassemble Weapons Beyond TM Task

disassembled crew-served weapon
Photo by Debralee Best

Dear Editor,
I’ve noticed a trend where weapon repairs could have been avoided. It seems like operators are disassembling weapons past the point they are allowed to by the -10 TM. These incidents are happening more often now that Soldiers have internet access in the palm of their hands. This has led to missing takedown pins and selector lever detents, as well as trigger assemblies, hammer springs, and BUIS being incorrectly reassembled or reinstalled.

Please remind operators and leaders to only perform the authorized level of maintenance. This will ensure proper functioning and help prevent unnecessary damage to the weapon or possible harm to Soldiers.

Here’s what they need to know:
  • Operators must never disassemble or perform maintenance beyond the task in the -10 TM.
  • Mechanics are authorized to perform all -10 TM and -23&P TM tasks.
  • Operators and mechanics are not authorized to perform tasks outside the TM level for their skill set. If this happens, they are in violation of Paragraph 3-10 of AR 750-1, Army Materiel Maintenance Policy.
Deryl Gensler
Ft Lee, VA
Editor’s note: Consider the message transmitted, Deryl.
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