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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | May 24, 2022

M871 Semitrailer: Drill Drain Holes in Storage Boxes

Dear Editor,
We support a transportation unit with 120 semitrailers. The semitrailers carry a mounted storage box that holds all the BII tools, chains and binding equipment. The storage box costs about $680 and the stored equipment about $1,000.
We’ve noticed that the box door holds water, which causes it to rust and break off. So, units have started drilling holes in the bottom of the doors on all semitrailer storage boxes to let the water drain.
The fix really works! The drain holes definitely help reduce corrosion in areas inside of the storage boxes where water pools and sits for long periods of time.
There’s another benefit. The holes also allow better air circulation inside the storage boxes, which is good for the stored equipment, too.
SFC Erick Villeda
Editor’s note: Thanks for your tip! TACOM engineers recommend drilling four 1-in diameter holes near each corner at the bottom shelf of the storage box. That way, if the semitrailer is parked on uneven ground, the water will still drain to the nearest hole.
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