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NEWS | Aug. 10, 2023

M240 Machine Gun: Need a BFA Discriminator?

BLUF: Properly use the M240 machine gun discriminator

This article from May 22 was updated 8/10/2023

The discriminator will be added to the M240 machine gun additional authorization list (AAL) according to TACOM.

The discriminator can be used when firing your M240 series machine gun with a blank firing attachment (BFA).
  • When using the M21 BFA, the chamber and discriminator, as an assembly, are mandatory.
  • When using the M24 or M26, the discriminator is optional. Use NSN 1005-01-700-0177 to get the individual discriminator.
Model Use BFA
M240 M1 Abrams fleet coax and loaders M21
M240 LAV (USMC) coax M21
M240C M2 Bradley fleet coax M21
M240B w/long barrel M24
M240L w/short barrel M26
M240H Aircraft mounted w/long barrel M24
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