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NEWS | May 16, 2022

M1231 Husky: Get the Water Out!

Husky Vehicle Mounted Mine Detectors
Photo by Sgt. Heidi Kroll

Operators, too much water in your Husky’s fuel system will leave the vehicle’s engine running rough or not at all.
Water gets into the fuel when warm days and cool nights cause condensation to form in the vehicle’s fuel tank. You get rid of the water by draining the fuel/water separator every week like it says in TM 9-2355-316-10 (Feb 22).
The fuel/water separator is located behind the right-side transmission access cover. Open the separator by turning its drain cock counterclockwise. Dispose of drained fuel in an approved hazardous water container. Never dump it down a drain or let it run on the ground.
If the fuel runs clear, you’re OK. If the fuel is still cloudy after you’ve drained half a pint or so, close the valve and report the problem to your mechanic.
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