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NEWS | May 3, 2022

MEDEVAC: Prevent External Rescue Hoist Corrosion

Soldiers conduct pre-flight checks on the external rescue hoist prior to leaving to support relief efforts.
Photo by Sgt. Brian Schroeder
Mechanics, corrosion control is an ongoing fight and it’s no different for the Breeze-Eastern external rescue hoist, PN BL-29900-30-1.

To get the details to protect the external rescue hoist from corrosion and to apply the proper corrosion prevention compounds (CPCs), start with Pages 16-17 in the Utility Helicopter Newsletter (Mar-Apr 2022) HERE.

The attachment has the corrosion control information you need to answer questions about where to go for corrosion prevention information on the external rescue hoist. Make sure you use TM 1-1500-344-23-2, Cleaning and Corrosion Control, Volume 2, Aircraft (May 20). For corrosion prevention compounds (CPCs), check out MIL-PRF-81309.
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