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NEWS | May 3, 2022

MEDEVAC: Attention to Detail When Using Rescue Hoist

Rescue missions or evacuations of injured Soldiers should not be taken lightly. Hoisting a Soldier to the next level of care in a SKED basic rescue system requires acute attention to detail when preparing a Soldier for hoisting.

Attention to detail means getting the training you need to properly deploy the hoist and use the SKED basic rescue system safely. Recently an accident happened with a patient in a SKED. In response, the Aviation Center of Excellence published STACOM 22-02, which provides a clarification on the use of the Army aviation rescue hoist. Flightfax amplified the STACOM, which you can read HERE.

When using the SKED, pay special attention to the head flap and make sure you’re following the Army aviation rescue hoist SOP as you package and extract a Soldier for medical care.

Whether hoisting equipment or a Soldier, it’s considered a load and, therefore, must be thoroughly inspected to ensure safety, security and serviceability. Make sure every step is executed correctly. 
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