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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | April 26, 2022

MEDEVAC: Rescue Hoist Kits Not an Army Option

MEDEVEC helicopter Hovering
Photo by 2nd Lt. Nathan Rivard
Mechanics, when a cartridge-actuated device (also known as “CAD” or squib”) on the hoist is fired, all of the components of the cable cut system must be replaced, to include:
  • squib and O-ring
  • cable
  • cable cutter and O-ring
  • cable cutter cotter pin
  • anvil
  • potentially some shims from the KT-444 shim kit (also known as “clocking kit”)
There is only one correct way to replace these parts – individually!

The hoist manufacturer, Breeze-Eastern, sells all of these parts together as a kit called the KT-493 Refire Kit. While convenient, the KT-493 Refire Kit is not an option to replace the cable cut system components. Here’s why: the Army treats and tracks squibs the same way it tracks ammunition and other explosive devices, which is through the Munitions History Program (MHP).

Therefore, the squib must be obtained through the MHP and the rest of the parts through supply.

Also, don’t order the “Cutting Tool Kits” found in Item 34 of Fig 14-3 in WP 3467 of TM 1-1520-237-23&P and in Fig 14-7 of WP 3478 below. The part numbers provided are KT-105-1 and KT-105-2. These kit numbers should be ignored for two reasons:
  1. They don’t apply to this hoist.
  2. Same concerns as with the KT-493.

Fig 14-7 of WP 3471 in TM 1-1520-237-23&P
(to view clearer image, right click on image and "open in new tab")

Bottom line: order all the components individually (minus the squib) and have them on-hand as a “kit” in bench stock in the event they’re needed.
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