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NEWS | April 22, 2022

DVE: Change AN/VAS-5(5A) to AN/VAS-5B

Display control module
Photo courtesy of CECOM
Alert! Units need to update organizational property records and unit hand receipts to accurately reflect and report the correct version of the Driver Vision Enhancer (DVE) family of systems (FOS) on hand.

The DVEs, line item number (LIN) D41659, have been fielded and installed on vehicles since the 1990s. Over the years, they’ve evolved from AN/VAS-5 and AN/VAS-5A to the current model of AN/VAS-5B. This has caused NSN changes under LIN D41659.

There are currently 21 NSNs under AN/VAS-5 and AN/VAS-5A that are platform-based. The change in type designation from AN/VAS-5 and AN/VAS-5A to AN/VAS-5B reduces the number of NSNS from 21 to six (6). The six NSNs under AN/VAS-5B vary based on the platform on which they’re mounted.
Electrical Pan & Tilt Model (TWV-EPTM)
Electrical Pan & Tilt Model (TWV-EPTM)
Four of the AN/VAS-5 and AN/VAS-5A systems have been coded terminal and removed from various platforms and replaced by AN/VAS-5B; however, the replacements have not been properly recorded on unit property books to reflect these changes. Variants 1 through 3 are for tactical wheeled vehicles (TWVs) and variants 4 through 6 are for combat vehicles (CVs).
CV sensor
CV sensor
Units must verify what version of DVE FOS is installed on each of their vehicles and report those findings to the owning property book officer, who will update the record to correctly reflect equipment on hand.

Abrams sensor
Abrams sensor
For more information and the list of NSNs that need to be updated, refer to CECOM’s maintenance advisory message 22-003 HERE.

Questions? Contact one of the following:
Rohan Wallace, CECOM IEW&S Directorate, ILS Manager:
Renee Coleman, CECOM IEW&S Directorate, Item Manager:
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