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NEWS | April 6, 2022

Publications: How to Order Army Pubs

If your unit needs a publications account, here’s important news to know. To start the ball rolling, you’ll need to complete and submit a DA Form 12, Request for Establishment of a Publications Account (Jun 21).

To set up your unit’s pubs account, first download DA Form 12 from the Army Publishing Directorate website @  DA Form 12

Follow the DA Form 12 instructions (CAC required) found @ Instructions_for_DA_Form_12
An official DA Form 12 is also needed whenever you set up or change pubs account info. If your unit’s address has changed, for example, you’ll need to mark the 3b “Change” box on DA Form 12 and fill out Section III. If you’re requesting access to classified pubs, make a note that you’ll need to resubmit a DA Form 12 annually.

Be aware that the latest version of the form (Jun 21) requires digital signatures. Older versions of DA Form 12 are obsolete and will soon no longer be accepted.

Most active duty units will submit the completed DA Form 12 to the publication control officer, who in turn will forward it to:
Units stationed in Europe or the Middle East will send their completed DA Form 12 to:
USAR units send completed DA Forms 12 to the higher headquarters at the appropriate major USAR command for review and approval.

National Guard units send completed DA Forms 12 to the state publication control officer for review and approval.

Note that email addresses are no longer valid on any pubs accounts. Use only addresses. Make sure that the unit’s pubs POC name and contact info are current and included on DA Form 12.

If you run into any issues or need help, call the Media Distribution Division (MDD) at DSN 693-7300, Ext. 8266/8300, (314) 592-0900, Ext. 8266/8300 or email:
Once you have an account number and password from MDD, you can log into the Army portal for ordering pubs.
Also see our prior PS article, Publications: Are Paper TMs Still Available?” The listed AR 25-38, Army Printing and Distribution Program (Jun 21) and DA PAM 25-38, Army Printing and Distribution Procedures (Jun 21) are both helpful references and can be found on the Army Publishing Directorate (APD) website HERE.
Pay particular attention to section 1-15 in AR 25-38 and section 5-5 in DA Pam 25-38.
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