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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | March 21, 2022

ATLAS II Forklift: Curb Clogged Axle Vent

AMC LARs are reporting more and more axle seals leaking on the ATLAS II forklifts. Axle seals leak when an axle’s vent hose or vent cap is plugged, clogged or missing. 
A clogged or plugged vent cap causes the vehicle’s differential fluid to leak into the axle’s knuckle area. Recently, a DA Form 2028 was submitted to add inspections for both of the forklift’s axle vents as a semi-annual requirement in TM 10 3930-673-23-2 (May 12).
The photo below is an example of someone disconnecting the forklift’s vent hose assembly and then plugging the threaded port in the axle housing with a solid brass threaded plug.

Don’t plug axle’s vent port
Don’t plug axle’s vent port

A plugged axle port caused the axle seals to leak, so they had to be replaced to prevent serious damage. 
Plain and simple: Do not plug the axle’s vent port! During PMCS, make sure you check and clean the vent cap. And while you’re at it, check the vent hose assembly and elbow fitting to make sure they’re connected.
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