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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | March 7, 2022

D7R Dozer: Before Start Up and After Shutdown

Operators, you just started your dozer and you’re ready to move dirt around, right?
Not so fast! The vehicle’s turbocharger packs lots of air into the engine. Bearing oil starvation damages the dozer’s turbo when you start the engine and move to high idle before the oil warms up. The damage is just as severe if you shut down a hot engine without a cool-down period.
You’ll know something’s up if an alternator fault code appears on the vehicle’s monitoring screen when you head out. 
Immediately after startup, run the engine at low idle for five (5) minutes. That gives the oil time to lubricate parts. It also lets the engine warm up enough to boil off condensation caused by normal engine breathing.
After you’ve run the dozer hard, idle-cool the engine five (5) minutes before shutdown. The engine needs to cool down slowly.  If the engine’s shut down before it’s sufficiently cooled, then bad things can happen, such as cracking the block, warping the valves and head, or baking the oil until it’s no longer slick enough to lube the bearing.
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