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NEWS | Feb. 14, 2022

Camouflage: ULCANS Increment I Debuts Desert/Urban Variant

Soldiers with ULCANS
Courtesy photo
In Jan 2021's "Camouflage: ULCANS Increment I Debuts," we informed readers about the Increment I version of ULCANS and its benefits. Since that article appeared, a new two-sided variant has become available: Desert/Urban.

ULCANS Increment I is a state-of-the-art camouflage system. It’s a major upgrade to the currently-fielded legacy ULCANS developed in the late 1990s.  Among its benefits, ULCANS Increment I greatly improves concealment from enemy detection. It uses the latest technology for defeating current and emerging sensor threats, and offers reversible color combinations to adapt to the Soldier’s environment.

The three distinct, two-sided variants of ULCANS Increment I are:
  •  Light/Dark Woodland
  •  Desert/Urban
  •  Snow/Alpine                 
Desert/Urban and Light/Dark Woodland variants are now available on the Common Table of Allowances (CTA). The release of the Snow/Alpine variant is scheduled for FY23.
ULCANS Increment I Desert
ULCANS Increment I Desert

ULCANS Increment I Urban
ULCANS Increment I Urban
Each ULCANS Increment I system consists of a camouflage screen kit and a support system kit. You can order each variant in either radar scattering (R/S) or radar transparent (R/T) applications. Maintain the upgraded ULCANS using TM 10-1080-256-10 (Mar 20).

The legacy ULCANS are on the Master Divestiture List (MDL) and must be divested by the end of FY23. As you dispose of the legacy systems, keep the new NSNs handy to order the new ULCANS Increment I systems.
Woodland, General Purpose, Radar Scattering (R/S),
NSN 1080-01-677-6912, LIN U05023
Woodland Radar Scattering (R/S),
NSN 1080-01-457-2956, LIN C89480
Woodland, Communications, Radar Transparent (R/T), NSN 1080-01-677-6918, LIN U05022 Woodland Radar Transparent (R/T), NSN 1080-01-475-0697, LIN C89361
Desert/Urban, General Purpose, Radar Scattering (R/S), NSN 1080-01-682-4997, LIN U05025 Desert Radar Scattering (R/S),
NSN 1080-01-475-0696, LIN C89480
Desert/Urban, Communications, Radar Transparent (R/T), NSN 1080-01-682-5467, LIN U05026 Desert Radar Transparent (R/T),
NSN 1080-01-475-0694, LIN C89361

ULCANS Increment I Light Woodland
ULCANS Increment I Light Woodland

ULCANS Increment I Dark Woodland
WARNING: Never mix legacy ULCANS and ULCANS Increment I system nets! Mixing nets reduces the effectiveness of new Increment I systems.

Cover Plan: Until they are widely available, TACOM recommends that units cover tactical and strategic assets with ULCANS Increment I, and cover their least valuable assets with legacy ULCANS.

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