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NEWS | Jan. 14, 2022

PS Magazine: 2021 Web Metrics Year-In-Review

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PS Magazine: Informing Army Readiness
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In 2019, PS: The Preventive Maintenance Monthly switched from a physical, monthly digest-style magazine to a web-based platform (with an accompanying monthly index of online articles—TB 43-PS-series). Between then and now, our online audience has grown steadily.

In calendar year 2021, PS Magazine had 313,465 visitors, accounting for 1,132,583 page views on the website. We received most of our traffic from North America, which accounted for 252,876 visits and 876,048 page views. A large portion of the North American traffic, 67,500 visits and 332,000 page views, was routed through Fort Huachuca’s Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM/9th Signal). While this key performance indicator (KPI) makes it difficult to tell which individual areas engage our site the most, it does confirm that most of our web traffic comes from military installations.

The most popular downloads since January were the 2019 PS Index with over 5,333 downloads, the “Condition Code Tag” infographic with over 3,479 downloads and the “Tips for Towing HMMWVs” Sergeant’s Time Training article with 2,141 downloads. Several other items offered on the website were downloaded over 1,000 times each.

Desktop computers were used to access the website more than any other type of device with 192,000 visits and 836,000 views accounting for 68.31 percent of our incoming traffic. Smartphones accounted for 32.98 percent of incoming traffic over the same period with 103,000 visits and 237,000 page views.
In 2021, we’ve observed bounce rates as high as 97 percent. This high percentage of bounces only appears to be associated with individual articles and not other areas of the website such as the news section or individual commodity sections where the bounce rate falls into the teens. Bounce rates indicate when a visitor only visits one page, then leaves the website. It’s normally an indication they’ve directly accessed the information they need, consumed it and then departed.

The website from which PS received the most referrals is our own website URL accounting for 111,000 visits and 191,000 page views. This is due to the fact we often embed links that refer readers from one article or section to another.

Google was the top search engine for referrals this year with 112,000 visits and 142,000 page views. It’s worth noting that the search term “ps magazine” returns our website as the “top hit” without any paid advertising and that the entire first page of that search is either our website or information about the magazine from third parties. 

Judging from the web metrics collected since January 1, 2021, the majority of our end users appear to access the website using desktops to look for specific articles, which may have been spotlighted in one of our newsletters. They then share that link with several other maintainers and logisticians who, in turn, directly access the referred article. Once they have the information they need, they leave the website to put the information they’ve gathered to work.

If your experience with our website doesn’t align with this assessment or you have ideas for enhancing your experience with our website, please email us at:
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