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NEWS | Dec. 29, 2021

All Aircraft: How to Get Shatterproof Sample Bottles

Dear SFC Blade,

When I was in Germany back in 2009-2012, we had fuel sample bottles that were shatterproof. They were glass, but had a clear, soft coating of rubber or vinyl around them. If you dropped them, the glass would not break. I’ve been looking for an NSN for them, but I’ve had no luck.

Have you heard of these bottles, or better yet, know an NSN?
                                                                                                                CW3 T.C.     

Dear CW3 T.C.,

The shatterproof fuel sample bottles do exist, but there's no NSN. However, all is not lost. We checked with the Army Petroleum Center (APC) team and the Petroleum and Water Systems (PAWS) folks. They said you can get the 32-oz clear safety-coated bottles through GSA Advantage from many different vendors. There are narrow and wide-mouth bottles you can select from. Here’s the link: 
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