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NEWS | Nov. 23, 2021

CH-47: Step Up with Aft Pylon Step

Soldiers conduct routine maintenance on a CH-47 Chinook
Photo by Charles Rosemond
Mechanics, working on the Chinook aft rotor head and straining to reach the top while standing on the aft support platform can be a stretch.

 A tool that can help you with aft rotor head maintenance is the aft rotor pylon step (ARPS), which can be made in your welding shop.

PM Chinook continues to endorse the fabrication of the ARPS using the specifications found below and on Pages 22-25 of PS 738 (May 14).


PDF Here
To read the complete article about the benefits of fabricating an ARPS, click on the image below.

ARPS article graphic
Click on image above to open PDF of article from PS 738, May 14.
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