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NEWS | Nov. 22, 2021

D7R II Tractor: Dozer PM Tips

Keep these D7R II tractor (dozer) preventive maintenance tips in mind before the day’s run.
Parking Brake Reminder
Make sure the dozer’s parking brake is locked (engaged) before you start the vehicle. Inexperienced or inattentive operators tend to hop into the cab, ready to move lots of dirt at the worksite and forget this important step.
Without the parking brake engaged, your vehicle won’t start. And grinding down on the starter causes one of two things to potentially happen: the vehicle’s batteries run down, or the engine’s starter burns out.
If the engine won’t start, check the parking brake first.
Seat Knob Bolt NSN Correction
Need a new seat adjustment knob bolt for your D7R II dozer? Don’t use NSN 5305-01-517-2222, which is shown as Item 94 in Fig 118 of TM 5-3805-293-24P (Feb 16). Not only is that bolt too long, but it also isn’t threaded properly and doesn’t include a roll pin hole. Order the right bolt with NSN 5306-01-659-5535, and make a note until the TM is updated.
Messenger Display Code: Make a Note
The D7R II’s messenger display provides a service code menu to help diagnose vehicle system malfunctions. 
After start up, make a point to jot down any error code numbers that pop up. Then tell field maintenance so they can make a proper diagnosis.
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