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NEWS | Nov. 18, 2021

FMTV: Old A/C Tensioner System Not in TM

Soldiers at Ft McCoy operating an FMTV
Photo by Scott Sturkol
Operators, the story on Pages 16-17 of  PS 798 (May 19) provided info for A/C belts due to confusion with the addition of a new A/C tensioner system.

There was no requirement to upgrade the old tensioner system to the new one. However, TM 9-2320-333-23&P (Jun 19) only shows NSNs for the upgraded A/C tensioner system. The old A/C tensioner system NSNs aren’t in the TM.

Here’s a list of the old and new A/C tensioner systems parts. Make sure you order the correct A/C belt because the new A/C tensioner system uses a longer belt.
Item Old NSN New NSN Qty
Bolt 5306-01-371-7162 5305-01-372-4712 1
Bolt N/A 5306-01-369-6095 4
Washer 5310-01-372-5686 N/A 1
Tensioner bracket N/A 5340-01-630-2719 1
Tensioner pulley 3950-01-607-2049 3950-01-629-9198 1
A/C belt 3030-01-372-8144 3030-00-294-9785 1

You’ll need to contact TACOM for further guidance if you want to convert from the old to new configuration at:
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