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NEWS | Nov. 16, 2021

M915A3 Tractor Truck, M872A4 Semitrailer: Update for Winter Tires

M915 and M872 negotiate 539th Transportation Company's Truck Rodeo
Photo by Maj. Joel Anderson
Warfighters, according to TACOM Maintenance Action Message (MAM) 21-053, you’ll need to check your M915A3 tractor trucks and M872A4 semitrailers to ensure that Michelin® and Goodyear® tires aren’t both mounted on the same axle.
The tires, are Michelin® X MULTI D 11R22.5 and Goodyear® Ultra Grip RTD 11R22.5 (Load Range H). Both use the same NSN: 2610-01-678-8323. The Michelin® tire is obsolete and has been replaced by the Goodyear® tire.
Currently the Goodyear® tire is the only tire available in the supply system, and it’s important to note that it’s a directional tire and should be installed only as indicated on the tire sidewall. It must be paired with another Goodyear® tire.

The Michelin® tire is still authorized for use and should only be replaced by attrition; but, when you replace one on a given axle, you must replace both.

For more info, have your CAC handy and see the entire MA 21-053 message at:
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