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NEWS | Nov. 12, 2021

RQ-7B Shadow: Heed These Cold-Weather Precautions

Soldiers conduct a pre-flight check of the RQ 7B Shadow 200 unmanned aerial vehicle.
Photo by Jamal Wilson
Operators, taking steps or precautions to protect your Shadow unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in cold weather is a must.

First precaution: Don’t operate the UAV in an environment below 0 °C (32 °F) if the battery heater test fails. This failure can result in low voltages and the loss of avionics when voltage levels fall below operating limits of the electronics.

Second precaution: When the temperature is at or below -5 °C (23 °F)), the fuel begins to freeze. Follow the Shadow IETM, TM 1-1550-1689-23&P (EM 0370, Aug 21) to mix oil into the fuel. These sections (listed by work package title), in particular, will be helpful:
  •  55-gallon drum fuel conditioning – cold weather operations.
  •  55-gallon drum fuel conditioning with valved electrical fuel transfer pump (VEFTP) - cold weather operations.
  •  Fuel reservoir fueling for air vehicle transport (AVT) – cold weather operations.
Just be mindful that running the engine with a fuel oil mix changes how frequently the spark plugs needs to be replaced.
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