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NEWS | Nov. 8, 2021

Patriot Missile System: Enroll for FY22 Corrosion Training

Patriot missile system
Photo by Jason Cutshaw

Battling corrosion on Patriot missile systems starts with the proper training. Soldiers, what are you waiting for? Enroll now for FY22 Corrosion Training with the Missile Corrosion Service Team (MCST).
Online training is provided monthly on Microsoft Teams (MS Teams). It’s a one-day, two-hour, live virtual training session. Don’t forget, you’ll need access to MS Teams to take the training.
Here are the dates and times for upcoming FY22 sessions.
Training date Time
1 December 21 0900-1100 (CST)
5 January 22 0900-1100 (CST)
2 February 22 0900-1100 (CST)
2 March 22 0900-1100 (CST)
6 April 22 0900-1100 (CST)
4 May 22 0900-1100 (CST)
1 June 22 0900-1100 (CST)
6 July 22 0900-1100 (CST)
3 August 22 0900-1100 (CST)
7 September 22 0900-1100 (CST)

Want to register for the training or just have questions? You can contact the MCST at DSN (256) 336-1400 or (256) 313-8620/8621 or by email:
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