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NEWS | Nov. 8, 2021

H-60: ECS Maintenance Easier With Quick Disconnects

The Utility Helicopter Project Office has put out information that helps MEDEVAC units perform environmental control system (ECS) maintenance more efficiently using quick disconnects (QDs).

The attached PDF has the procedures, steps and notes on the QDs that allow removal of the ECS pallets without evacuating the refrigerant. Click on the image below to view:
Use of quick disconnects PDF
Click on image above to open and view PDF
The attached PDF answers the following questions that’ll help you perform maintenance on the ECS system.
  1. What’s a quick disconnect?
  2. Does the use of QDs help reduce maintenance tasks?
  3. Where are the QDs in HH-60M ECS?
  4. Is the use of QDs an authorized procedure in the TM?
  5. How do QDs prevent damage to the ECS system?
  6. How can you fix the improperly disconnected refrigerant lines?
Make a note that the QD procedures are not yet in the ECS work package procedures of TM 1-1520-280-23&P (Mar 20). They’re considered interim guidance and require prior engineering approval before performing. The PDF attached above discusses this prior clearance in detail.

Got questions about the procedures, contact PD MEDEVAC’s Rom Ordonez by email:
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