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NEWS | Nov. 5, 2021

UH-60/AH-64: The Nuts and Bolts of Quick Disconnect Pins

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Aviation maintenance action messages (AMAMs) H-60-20-AMAM-03 and H-64-20-AMAM-04 require that all Apache and Black Hawk engines have remaining quick disconnect pins (QDPs) on the anti-ice valve and the T700 hydro-mechanical unit (HMU) removed by the start of calendar year 2022.

In their place, units will install and properly orient the nuts and bolts shown in the tables below:
Shear bolt 5306-01-100-7832 4048T91P01 2
Self-locking nut, extended washer 5310-01-091-9156 4046T32P01 2
Anti-ice Valve
Close tolerance bolt 5306-01-652-0227 J712P030A 2
Self-locking nut, extended washer 5310-00-164-6409 R1181P002 2
To reiterate, make sure you complete this task on your aircraft by the AMAM suspense date of 3 Jan 2022. This also applies to engines and cold section modules in storage and any anti-ice valves and HMUs in the supply area that have quick disconnect pins.

Make this effort a priority and don’t wait to order the hardware. The hardware is managed by DLA.

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