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NEWS | Nov. 5, 2021

T700 Engines: Field Repair of B Nut Authorized

Mechanics, the T700 Office has determined that field repair of the B nut on the cold section module (CSM) is a cost savings over procuring a new cold section module. Two maintenance engineering orders (MEOs) detail this field repair:
  • P7394 - WP "DIFFUSER AND MIDFRAME CASING ASSEMBLY" (file m00066) Midframe Oil Drain Tube Coupling Nut Replacement, PN: R197P04
  • P7395 - RPTSL, DIFFUSER AND MIDFRAME CASING ASSEMBLY" (file r00010) PNs: R197P04 and R261P04, SMR Code Update
You can request the MEOs from your logistics assistance representative (LAR) or contact the T700 engine office representative, Michael Weist, by email:
Over time, these MEOs will be incorporated into a work package, along with associated changes to TM 1-2840-248-23&P (Oct 19).
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