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NEWS | Nov. 3, 2021

M978A2/A4 HEMTT: Deadman Valve Leaking?

HEMTT Fuel Tanker
Courtesy photo
Operators, do you have an issue with the deadman valve leaking on your M978A4 or M978A2 HEMTT fuel tankers? It’s also commonly called the hand-actuated control valve (HAV). You can easily fix the leaking with some sealing compound.
Deadman valve
Deadman valve
There are two (2) pipe nipples on the deadman valve that can leak if sealing compound is not applied to the nipples when you’re changing them out. On the red line is pipe nipple, NSN-4730-01-154-2074, and on the green line is pipe nipple, NSN 4730-00-277-8289.
Both pipe nipples require sealing compound
Both pipe nipples require sealing compound
So, don’t forget to add sealing compound, NSN 8030-01-218-0321, PN MS-PTS-50, to both pipe nipples to stop those pesky leaks. See TM 9-2320-326-13&P (Sep 20) for more instructions. Note that the deadman valve isn’t an assembly, so it’s made of different parts.

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