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NEWS | Oct. 25, 2021

UH/HH-60: Four-Strand Cable Approved for B-E Rescue Hoist

Crew Chiefs pre-flighting Black Hawk external rescue hoist.
Photo by Sgt. Brian Schroeder
Maintainers and operators, if your Black Hawk has the Breeze-Eastern external rescue hoist, here’s some good news. The four-strand (4-strand) rescue hoist cable is approved for use on the Breeze-Eastern rescue hoists with airworthiness release (AWR) 2292 and has been assigned, NSN 4010-01-694-9091. Refer to Appendix B for configuration and installation details.

The 4-strand cable and set screw kit, PN KT-681, is an alternative for the standard 19X7 cable assembly, PN BL-10653-3, NSN: 4010-01-502-1057 and set screw, PN BL-9182. The 19X7 cable is currently used by all services on the Breeze-Eastern external and Goodrich internal hoist, and also on the Goodrich external hoist on the UH-72 Lakota. The 4-strand cable was developed primarily to address operational concerns related to cable looseness and cable bird-caging, which are conditions familiar to all hoist operators and maintainers.

The new 4-strand cable is ONLY authorized for use on the Breeze-Eastern hoist.

Based on Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) recommendations, the 4-strand cable is limited to 1,500 equivalent lifts. Maintainers are instructed to follow the 4-strand cable installation procedures in the Breeze-Eastern Flight Line Operations and Maintenance Manual, TD-17-003, which supersede instructions within the hoist-specific operations and maintenance manual.

To order the 4-strand cable assembly kit, units should submit requisitions through local normal supply channels.

Four-strand cable

19X7 cable cross section

Four strand cable cross section

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