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NEWS | Oct. 20, 2021

Backhoe Loader: Transmission Oil and Cylinder Hose NSN Info

Mechanics, keep these NSNs handy when it comes to keeping the backhoe loader mission ready at the worksite.
Transmission Oil
Plain and simple – don’t use a substitute oil in the backhoe loader. Using substitute oil can cause component or vehicle failure!
Use only the oils listed in the expendable/durable items in WP 0375 of TM 2420-231-3 (Jul 13),also shown below:
For Hy-Tran Ultra Case
Size NSN 9150-
1-qt container 01-614-5259
5-gal can 01-614-6424
55-gal drum 01-614-6419
For HydroDex Transmission Fluid
Size NSN 9150-
10-qt can 00-657-4959
30-gal can 01-114-9968
Cylinder Hoses Reversed
The NSNs and part numbers for two (2) of the backhoe loader’s front bucket cylinder hoses were mistakenly reversed in TM 5-2420-231-24P (Jun 13). So when ordering:
  • Get Item 2 in Fig 94 with NSN 4720-01-549-0815 (PN 183660A1).
  • Get Item 4 with NSN 4720-01-549-2548 (PN 183658A1).
Make a note until the TM is updated.
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