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NEWS | Oct. 20, 2021

FMTV: New ABS Modulator Valve and Connector Cable

Maintainers, if you have an older FMTV of any variant that’s equipped with the anti-lock braking system (ABS) with serial number 747,706 and below, here’s what you need to know.

ZF WABCO, the ABS manufacturer, has replaced the ABS modulator valve, NSN 2530-01-470-5919, PN 4721950170, with a new ABS modulator valve, NSN 4810-01-691-8109, PN S4721951130.

In the following image of the old and new ABS modulator valves, the connectors are highlighted in red. Note that the old-style connector screws on, while the new bayonet-style connector twists on.
Old Kostal-style ABS modulator valve; New bayonet- style ABS modulator valve
Old Kostal-style ABS modulator valve; New bayonet- style ABS modulator valve
Along with this new ABS modulator valve, you’ll need an adaptor cable. The two (2) types of adaptor cable are the straight bayonet-style and the 90-degree bayonet style. Either cable can be used with the new ABS modulator valve.

The straight bayonet-style cable, NSN 5995-01-626-3072, PN S8946011322, is a replacement cable for the old cable on the Kostal-style ABS modulator valve. It can be used on the new ABS modulator valve.
Straight bayonet-style cable
Straight bayonet-style cable
The 90-degree, bayonet-style cable, PN S8946011362, has a 90-degree head for a more ergonomic fit. Other than that, it's the same cable as the straight bayonet-style cable. This cable doesn't have an NSN yet, however you can purchase it locally or order it directly from the manufacturer.
90-degree, bayonet-style cable
90-degree, bayonet-style cable
To order the 90-degree, bayonet-style cable from the manufacturer, go to ZF WEBCO aftermarket sales at this link:
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