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NEWS | Oct. 18, 2021

Bradley FOV: Avoid "Wet Stacking" With Proper Idling

Operators, running your Bradley’s engine at idle for long periods of time can cause “wet stacking.” That’s a condition caused by unburned diesel fuel passing into the exhaust system.

The most common cause of wet stacking is idling the engine for too long at too low RPM, keeping the engine from reaching operating temperature. Idling the engine in cold weather is more likely to prevent the engine from reaching the proper operating temperature.

Wet stacking is detectable by the presence of a black ooze around the exhaust manifold, exhaust piping and turbocharger.
An engine that has been wet stacked can also suffer from another condition called crankcase dilution. Crankcase dilution is caused by fuel accumulating in the oil and crankcase. The fuel in the oil dilutes the oil, increasing wear on engine components.
If you’re idling your Bradley’s engine for more than five (5) minutes, the engine speed should be 1,000 RPM. Here’s how to make that happen:
  • Select “Mode” in the driver’s display.
Select "Mode" in driver's display
Select "Mode" in the driver's display
  • You will see three modes displayed: COMBAT, NON-COMBAT and MAINT. Select MAINT to allow access to Maintenance mode.
Select MAINT mode
Select MAINT mode
  • The RPM will be displayed in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Use the hand throttle to set the RPM to 1,000. 
RPM will be displayed in upper right
RPM will be displayed in upper right

Note to maintainers: If a Bradley engine has been wet stacked, take an oil sample and submit it to the Army Oil Analysis Program (AOAP). Change the oil if the vehicle isn’t enrolled in AOAP.        

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