NEWS | Sept. 24, 2021

Logistics Management: AMPS Is the Gateway to DLA

DLA Logo
DLA Logo
The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Account Management and Provisioning System (AMPS) allows requests for access to DLA business applications. After the request is submitted, AMPS allows users to track the request and receive a notification when access is granted.

To register for an AMPS account, make sure you have your CAC and go to:
Read the user’s guide for registration instructions and apply for an account for access to:
  • Web Federal Logistics Information System (WebFLIS)
  • Hazardous Materials Information Resource System (HMIRS) NextGen
  • DD Form 1685, Electronic Interface for Service/Agency Collaboration
  • Military Engineering Data Asset Locator System (MEDALS)
  • Quality Database (QDB)
  • Interactive Government Industry Data Edit Review (iGIRDER)
  • Electronic Cataloging (E-CAT)