NEWS | Sept. 24, 2021

HMMWV: New Articulating Tow Bar

US Army (30K) Light ATB
Photo courtesy GTA 55-01-001

Soldiers, the Army has a new light articulating tow bar (ATB) that allows you to assemble and connect the tow bar to your HMMWV while the vehicle is shut down and in park.

The ATB weighs only 69 pounds and provides a 2:1 safety factor. That makes it stronger and safer than previous HMMWV tow bars. It requires only a driver and two ground guides, and takes only two minutes to connect. Just position the towing vehicle within the hook-up zone for connection.

Details about tow bars, in general, and the new ATB specifically (para 5.3, page 21), can be found in GTA 55-01-001, Tow Bar Smart Book (Oct 2019) at:
In the GTA, the NSN for the new ATB is listed as “pending.” To view the NSN, grab your CAC and click on the link below: