NEWS | Sept. 22, 2021

Vibratory Roller: Smooth Rolling PM Tip

This PM tip will keep your CB534B/CB534C vibratory roller mission-ready at the worksite.
Keep Sediment Filters Clean
The vibratory roller can’t do a good compacting job with asphalt clinging to its drum.
Asphalt buildup happens when the vehicle’s sediment filters aren’t cleaned on both water tanks. The filters are intended to catch debris that can clog the spray nozzles. Clogged spray nozzles stop the water spray that prevents asphalt buildup on the drum.
Remove the sediment filters and clean the strainer element weekly. Make sure the shut-off valve is closed before removing the filter’s housing.
Pull out the strainer element and flush it with clean water. Make sure to clean out the filter housing. Once the strainer’s back in the filter housing and the filter is back in place, open the shut-off valve. 
Do the same thing for the roller’s other water tank.

CS563D Hydraulic Oil Cooler Line
While we’re talking about roller PM, you can get the hydraulic oil cooler line for the CS563D vibratory roller using NSN 4720-01-474-2627. This NSN replaces the parts info shown as Item 5 on Pages 44 and 45 of TM 5-3895-383-24P (Sep 99).