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NEWS | Sept. 9, 2021

FMTV: The Latest News on Cargo Cover Kits

Texas National Guardsmen prepare their Light Medium Tactical Vehicles for a new day of rescue missions
Photo by Capt. Aaron Moshier
In PS 739, which was published back in June of 2014, we let you know that 3-piece cargo cover kits were being replaced by 1-piece kits.

By now, many units may have switched to the 1-piece kits, while others may still be ordering the old kits or just ordering their down-parts. And that’s fine. FED LOG will indicate when the 3-piece kits are exhausted and list the 1-piece replacements.

The attached PDF gives you a complete list of the kits and their components. Some of the down-part NSNs have been updated and are highlighted in red. You’ll see the 1-piece kits first, followed by their 3-piece counterparts. Note that the 5-ton dump truck covers haven’t been changed to a 1-piece style. We’ve included their NSNs in the PDF attachment:

Click on the image below to open the PDF:
Cargo Cover Kits PDF
Click on the image above to open a PDF version
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