NEWS | Aug. 26, 2021

SATS Trailer: Door and ECU Panel Parts

SATS Trailer
Photo Courtesy of TACOM
Dear Half-Mast,

I’m looking for the NSN to a door handle for the side generator access panel on the SATS trailer. I also need the NSN for the thumbscrew that's attached to the panel on the ECU.

I was able to find the part numbers in TM 9-4910-783-13&P (Sep 05), but no NSNs came up when I searched by part numbers in FED LOG.

Can you help me out?
Mr. T.S.

Dear Mr. T.S.,
Sure can!
The t-handle latch for the door panel comes with NSN 5340-01-628-4920

The thumbscrew comes with NSN 5305-01-628-3783.

The single wire rope that attaches the thumbscrew to the panel is NSN 4010-01-628-0853.

And the blind rivet is NSN 5320-00-962-4693.

TACOM plans to update the TM with the missing NSNs, so make a note until that happens.