NEWS | Aug. 20, 2021

815F Compactor: Preventive Maintenance Tips

Operators, keep these preventive maintenance (PM) tips in mind before you hop into the 815F compactor at the worksite.
Steering Wheel Safety
With the quick touch of a hand, operators can move the compactor’s front chassis from side to side. Moving the chassis isn’t a problem unless one of your buddies comes over to talk while the engine is running.  When you lean over to listen, your right arm or leg can press against the steering wheel.  Then your buddy can get crushed or knocked off his feet by the tampering tips on the wheel assemblies.
So, be safe.  If the vehicle is not in operation, tilt the steering wheel forward to keep it out of the way.
And here’s another PM tip to keep in mind. When you climb in and out of the vehicle, make sure you use the handholds along the cab’s structure. The steering wheel is not for hoisting yourself into the cab!
Engine Accessory Belt
The engine accessory belt for the up-armored compactor (with air conditioning) comes with NSN 3030-01-479-5467. Make a note until this NSN is added to TM 5-3805-380-13&P (Jun 08). 
Air Filter Cleaning
A clean air filter element is crucial during construction operations, especially when there’s a lot of dust in the air.
Keep a close eye on the air cleaner indicator next to the filter canister.  If the indicator moves from yellow to red, you have some work to do. 
Pop the canister’s lid and pull out both air filters.  You’ll find the secondary filter inside the primary.
Tap each filter against the heel of your hand’s palm to loosen dirt or sand.  Don’t smack it against something hard or you’ll damage the filter. Next, give the filter a good shake and tap it some more.  That’s usually enough to knock junk out of the filter to keep your compactor operating.    
When the work day’s over, tell your mechanic what you did. Then the mechanic will know it’s time to clean or replace the filter.