NEWS | Aug. 17, 2021

MEDEVAC: Get Your MEDMET Training Done

Pilots and flight crew on MEDEVAC training
Photo by Sgt. Sarah Sangster
PD MEDEVAC is on a mission to make sure the MEDEVAC community gets needed maintenance training.

In response to a fleet-wide maintenance training deficiency for fielded H-60 MEDEVAC mission equipment, PD MEDEVAC has developed new training. This training is held four times a year (Feb, May, Aug and Nov) at the MEDEVAC Mission Equipment Training (MEDMET) Center at Ft Hood, TX.

The classes target 15T and 15F maintenance personnel, DA civilians and contractors supporting maintenance of H-60 MEDEVAC aircraft and mission equipment.

Check out the information card below for further details on MEDMET training.   
MEDEVAC Mission Equipment Training
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Got questions on training? Contact Romulo Ordonez and Mike Brooks by email at: