NEWS | July 30, 2021

UH-60: Don’t Stockpile Parts; Turn ‘Em In

UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter crew members from the 10th Mountain Division's 10th Combat Aviation Brigade from Fort Drum New York conducts maintenance on April 18, 2017, at Katterbach Army Airfield in Ansbach, Bavaria, Germany.
Photo by Charles Rosemond

Unserviceable aircraft parts have repair programs. So when they’re no longer serviceable, turn these parts in for repair. Don’t hold or stockpile them.
Here are the parts to turn in if unserviceable (condition code F):
Component NSN 4130- PN
Heat interchanger 01-597-1300 70A145-3
Air cooler unit 01-597-1317 70A145-2

Send the parts to:
Red River Army Depot
DLA Distribution
Plant 7001/RIC BR4/DODAAC W562RM
Texarkana, TX 75507-5000

Got questions? Email Ondrea Lee at: 

The following unserviceable assets should also be turned in for repair: 
Component NSN PN
Gearbox assembly 1615-01-492-1441 70357-06300-044
Control-indicator 5895-01-390-0280 70550-02126-110

Questions about returns? Contact the item manager, Mackeshia Brown, by email:
Finally, if you have unserviceable vaneaxial fans, NSNs 4140-01-424-9956 and 4140-01-329-3428, turn them in for repair also.

Contact Robert Johnson for assistance: