NEWS | July 27, 2021

Javelin: PMCS Is a Must

Dear Editor,
Some Javelin missile systems aren’t being properly maintained. A few basic procedures are being overlooked.
Whenever operators draw a weapon for training, the first thing they must do is the BEFORE PMCS. Before the system is turned in, they must complete AFTER PMCS. Soldiers have to report any faults to the mechanic.
Gunners must complete sustainment training to stay current on the Javelin. This training is spelled out in Chapter 3 of TC 3-22.37 (FM 3-22.37) (Aug 13). It covers what Soldiers need to know, such as initial training, sustainment training, train the trainer, and using the basic skills trainer (BST) information.
The following image shows the gunner’s sustainment training interval chart taken from Page 3-19 of TC 3-22.37 (FM 3-22.37) (Aug 13). It includes the gunner and assistant gunner tasks and when they should be completed.

Table 3-2 Sustainment training matrix
Table 3-2 Sustainment training matrix
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If units are performing the training as outlined in the TC, then the Javelin missile system will be properly maintained.
Soldiers can get a copy of TC 3-22.37 at (you’ll need your CAC to access both these sites):  
The training packages can be downloaded at:

Pablo Merel
AMC Missile LAR
Editor’s note: Thanks, Pablo. It looks like units who take this advice will get a twofer: trained Soldiers and well-maintained Javelins.