NEWS | July 23, 2021

Apache: Looking for Aviation Survivability Equipment Support?

A AH-64D Apache Longbow helicopter
Photo by Charles Rosemond
Mechanics, if you’re having problems with your aviation survivability equipment (ASE) and need support then PM ASE is the place to go for help. They want you to reach out to them anytime for assistance with all of your ASE issues. 

Note that all ASE missile warning is based on the common missile warning system (CMWS) Gen III electronic control unit (ECU). PM ASE wants to help ensure your airframes are squared away. Here are some common issues that arise during fielding, along with solutions.
AVR-2B Brackets

Because the AVR-2B brackets are A-kit items, they are to remain with the aircraft, even with aircraft transfers. Don’t keep them for future use.

PM ASE will send a training rep TDY to your unit at no cost, after they schedule it through the S3 or operations shop. So if you need ASE classroom or hands-on training, email Fred (Randy) Martin at:

If you’re falling in on any Joint Urgent Operational Needs Statement (JUONS) aircraft, he’s also your POC to schedule the training six months prior to your departure.

Check out an updated hardware list on the JTDI website (you’ll need your CAC to access):
The list has an associated pictogram with part numbers and washer stacks to help you when TM 1-1520-LongbowApache EM 0126 (May 21) doesn’t call out parts directly. Your supply tech should order hardware to have on hand because PM ASE doesn’t issue any hardware with the B-kits. As always, refer to the IETM for the proper torques.

For any mounting brackets, plates, or other aircraft A-kit hardware issues, contact Clint Holland, John Herrington or Jim Weber by email: