NEWS | July 23, 2021

CH-47: Need Chinook Covers?


Your Chinooks come with primary covers for different parts of the aircraft. You’ll find these covers listed in the TMs.
Chinook Primary Covers
Here’s a list of the primary covers for the Chinook. Keep this info as a handy reference.
Fig # Item NSN 1730- PN
1 Engine exhaust cover 01-593-9707 CH-47-202
2 Forward rotor head cover 01-593-9690 CH-47-063
3 FWS XMSN oil inlet cover 01-593-9716 CH-47-068
  Aft rotor hub cover 01-593-9723 CH-47-064
4 Hyd/oil cooler exhaust vent cover set 01-593-9684 CH-47-067
5 APU tail cone exhaust cover 01-593-9515 CH-47-150
6 Center console set cover 01-593-9662 CH-47-127
7 Air inlet and oil cooler exhaust cover 01-593-9697 CH-47-124
8 Cockpit enclosure (windshield and nose) 01-593-9636 CH-47-128
9 Aircraft engine right-hand cover 01-593-9359 CH-47-060
10 Aircraft engine left-hand cover 01-593-9488 CH-47-059
Engine exhaust coverForward rotor head cover
FWS XMSN oil inlet coverHyd/oil cooler exhaust vent cover set
APU tail cone exhaust coverCenter console set cover
Air inlet and oil cooler exhaust coverCockpit enclosure (windshield and nose)
Aircraft engine right-hand cover	Aircraft engine left-hand cover

Note: Items 9 and 10 both depict covers designed for two configurations, one with and one without the external air particle separator (EAPS) and infra-red suppression system (IRSS) installed. This system lowers the heat signature of engine exhaust.  

Cocoon, Inc., the manufacturer of these covers, will also provide hands-on training if requested. The POC is Jim Crotty at:
Chinook Alternate Covers

Just in case you don’t have the primary covers on hand, the Chinook PM has provided seven (7) approved alternate covers for your aircraft.
Item NSN
Pitot tube cover 1730-01-645-1206
T-714 engine maintenance cover 1730-01-646-0357
CMWS flare dispenser cover left side 5999-01-628-3494
CMWS flare dispenser cover right side 5999-01-628-3466
ATIRCM 5999-01-628-3447
CMWS dual chaff dispenser cover (2 covers) 5999-01-628-3461

Note: The alternate cover NSNs are coded Y (terminal) in the supply system. That’s because DLA stops ordering them when they don’t receive requisitions over time. The Chinook PM office has requested re-establishment of the NSNs, but this will take some time. In the meantime, units need to order the covers to build demand. Then DLA will restock the covers. So if you need the covers, start ordering them now!  

These covers come from a third party source and the NSNs won’t be added to the TMs, so make a note.

If you order the covers, you have the option of a free, three-part, on-site training session from the manufacturer. The training allows Soldiers to prevent damage to aircraft, components and equipment, while extending the life of the covers. To arrange for the training, contact Shield Technologies Corporation at (715) 441-0280, or email:
The three-part training includes:
  • information about the unique anti-corrosion cover technology and how it benefits your aircraft and equipment.
  • hands-on training to properly install, remove and care for the covers.
  • a CD with written instructions on how to properly install, remove and care for the covers. The CD also helps train new Soldiers and provides refresher training.