NEWS | July 22, 2021

Shadow: Don’t Throw Away Cables!

A U.S. Army RQ 7B Shadow 200 unmanned aerial vehicle is launched from a catapult, Sept. 14, 2018, at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska.
Photo by Jamal Wilson

Mechanics, the Army Shadow team needs your help. They’re running short on some of the cables found in the Shadow system, so they’re asking you to check the list below before you throw any cables away. They need the cables listed below to support the whole Shadow team, regardless of the Source, Maintainability and Recoverability (SMR) code. They cannot wait to change the SMR Codes in the REPAIR PARTS AND SPECIAL TOOLS LIST (RPSTL). If you have any unserviceable Shadow cables that are on this list, please turn them in as soon as possible.
CB ASSY - RF UGDT CX (W24) 5995-01-651-9958  39593-95610-382 PAOZZ   Not listed in RPSTL
CB ASSY - PE, CMD/STS (W8) 5995-01-630-6268 39593-95610-326 PAOOO 19 R00276
CB ASM - RF, UGDT CX (W10) 5995-01-630-6248 39593-95610-318 PAOOO 21 R00276
CB ASSY - UPS, STATUS (W15) 5995-01-633-2029 39593-95610-214 PAOOO 25 R00276
CABLE-UPS AC, FEED (W28) 5995-01-630-5931 39593-95610-501 PAOOO 30 R00276
TFOCA-II-GREEN (W2) 5995-01-633-2000 39593-95610-112 PAOOO 13 R00276
CABLE ASSY FIBER OPT (500 m)(W4) 6020-01-630-7983 39593-95610-511 PAODD 15 R00276
CB ASM - RF, UGDT CX (W6) 5995-01-630-5950 39593-95610-212 PAOOO 17 R00276
CB ASM - RF, UGDT CX (W7) 5995-01-630-5945 39593-95610-213 PAOOO 18 R00276
CB ASM - RF, UGDT CX (W9) 5995-01-630-6244 39593-95610-317 PAOOO 20 R00276
CB ASSY - RF, UGDT CX (W13) 5995-01-630-5919 39593-95610-314 PAOOO 24 R00276
CABLE ASSY (W3)   39593-44802-10 PAOZZ 46 R00276
CABLE ASSY, FO LAN (RS2F - W50)   39489-44305-10 PAOZZ 47 R00276
CA, GROUNDING         5999-01-630-9635 39489-90300-1 PAOZZ 48 R00276
CABLE ASSY (W2)        5995-01-630-6258 39593-44803-10 PAOZZ 49 R00276
FAN EXT CABLE ASSY 9999-01-624-3374 39489-44215-10 PAODD 8 R00167
PGDT UHF CABLE ASSY (W453) 5995- 01-630-9535 39489-95003-62 PAOZZ   Not listed in RPSTL

And if you’re turning in 500-meter Fiber Cable Assembly, ensure it’s complete to include the cleaning kit, if possible.

Note from Shadow Team:
Units will turn cables in to their supporting Contract Logistic Support (CLS) Window/Log Point. If a unit is not co-located, please contact the Field Service Representative (FSR) Hub Lead to obtain a return label. CLS windows will ship cables to Joint Base Lewis–McChord (JBLM) Log Point and the Log Point will update NON- MISSION Capable (NMC) status in Catalog Ordering Logistics Tracking System (COLTS). Item managers will direct Log Point on shipping instructions to the JBLM Regional Support Center (RSC) for repair induction. (No unit or FSR will ship directly to the RSC, regardless of SMR code).
Thanks for your help, mechanics!