NEWS | July 19, 2021

M88A2 Recovery Vehicles: Use Right Bolts to Install Engines Shrouds

Maintainers, some M88A2 engine oil coolers been damaged by the wrong hardware being used while installing the front/top engine shrouds.

If bolts that are too long are used to install the shrouds, they can crush the top of the engine oil coolers, NSN 2930-01-424-6731. The transmission coolers, NSN 2520-01-424-6732 and NSN 2520-01-422-4200, are also at risk of damage.
Using wrong bolts can damage engine oil cooler

When installing the front/top engine shrouds, the correct bolt to use is NSN 5305-00-042-5598. This hex cap screw is 5/8 of an inch long and comes with an external tooth washer. 

Correct hardware prevents damage

When installing the hydraulic oil coolers on the rear of the engine, use cap screw, NSN 5305-00-269-3234, and lock washer, NSN 5310-00-637-9541. 
Using the correct hardware will keep cooler damage down, allowing the overhaul facilities to reuse the coolers, saving money.