NEWS | July 12, 2021

Tools: Digital Dial Indicator Calibration Help

Fowler Indi-X Blue Electronic Indicator
Fowler Indi-X Blue Electronic Indicator (Photo courtesy of TACOM)

Dear Half-Mast,

My unit has a Fowler ® Indi-X Blue ® digital dial indicator (model #54-520-250-0) that comes in a tool kit manufactured by Debolt Machine, Incorporated. We use the indicator to measure the play on the FMTV wheel end spider gear assembly.

We’re required to get the indicator calibrated. When we spoke with the folks at our calibration lab about getting it calibrated, they told us we should replace the indicator altogether, as there’s no repair procedure or software available for the digital dial indicator.

Do you have any software or calibration procedures or even a good NSN we can use to replace the digital dial indicator?

Dear Sergeant,

Good hearing from you. The guidance from the calibration lab is partially correct: it’s likely they’ve never calibrated the digital dial indicator, model #54-520-250-0.  But there’s a calibration procedure in TB 43-180 for model #54-520-250, which is essentially the same instrument; the model number was simply revised by the manufacturer.

According to Mr. Andrew Doucette with the Requirements and Training Branch, US Army Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment Activity (USATA), the electronic version of TB 43-180 Calibration and Repair Requirements for the Maintenance of Army Materiel has been updated to add model #54-520-250-0 and state that the calibration specifications are the same as model #54-520-250; this change will be viewable starting on 01 Aug 21. Given this information, your local lab should be able to complete the calibration.