NEWS | July 7, 2021

TMDE: Job Aid for Support Coordinator Training

TMDE Photo
Photo Courtesy of TACOM
If you’re a TMDE support coordinator who’s been trying to find the latest information on your associated duties, you can stop your search. Attached below is a job aid provided by the US Army TMDE Activity (USATA) Lab Evaluation and Assessment Division that will help get you spun up.    

The purpose of the job aid is to provide users with a step-by-step guide on how to locate the TMDE Support Coordinator Training course within Blackboard and self-enroll. You can locate and enroll in the course in nine (9) simple steps, which are included in the job aid.

So go ahead and click on the image below to get all the information you need to coordinate training.

TMDE Job Aid
Click on the image above to open full PDF

If you have questions, contact the USATA training site at:

Or email the Lab Evaluation Assessment Division Chief at: