NEWS | June 3, 2021

D7G Tractor: Stuck Lever Linkage Reminder

D7 bulldozer
Photo by Gertrud Zach

This article initially appeared in PS 675 (Feb 09), p. 54. 
The linkage for the governor control lever (throttle) gets corroded from moisture. Over time, enough corrosion or rust causes the lever to be sluggish to push or pull or not move at all.
A stuck lever isn’t much good when you need to increase or decrease engine speed during operations.
To prevent these problems, wipe off the throttle linkage with a brush or clean rag. Then spray pivot points and connections with a shot of lubricating spray, NSN 9150-00-458-0075. Move the throttle lever back and forth a few times to work it in.
Spray lube here
Spray lube here
Make sure to spray the linkage at every scheduled service. Lube puts the slide and glide back into the linkage for smooth operation of the throttle.
Spray lube here
Spray lube here
Paint Shop Reminder
Before your dozer heads off to the paint shop, tape over the throttle linkage where it connects into the mounting bracket. That way the linkage won’t get stuck “in place.” Just make sure the tape is removed when the dozer comes back from the paint shop.