NEWS | May 27, 2021

M60/M48-Series AVLB: Inspect Transmitter Temperature Sensor


Be aware that one specific temperature sensor transmitter for the M60/M48-series AVLB can provide an incorrect reading. In some cases, the reading can be off by as much as 40 degrees!

That’s why all units need to inspect the sensor, NSN 6685-00-814-5271, located on the transmission and either model engine to ensure that it isn’t labeled with CAGE code 65496. That sensor is produced by Clark Brothers and can provide incorrect temperature readings. 
Make sure sensor isn't marked with CAGE code 65496
Make sure sensor isn't marked with CAGE code 65496

Find the location of the sensor using TM 5-5420-202-24P (Sep 18). There are two (2) sensors per vehicle.
If you see a sensor with CAGE code 65496, complete a product quality deficiency report (PQDR).
DLA is in the process of ordering new sensors, but that will take at least a few months. Until then, order new sensors directly from the approved source.

The contact information is:
Thomas G. Faria Corp
75 Frontage Road, Suite 106
North Stonington, CT 06359
(860) 848-9271 or (800) 473-2742