NEWS | May 26, 2021

PS Magazine: Save Articles for Future Reference

Half-Mast and team
HALF-Mast and Team

Dear Editor,
As an AMC Soldier/Chem-Bio LAR, I find PS articles useful. They address current problems not found in the TMs or in ARs. I print articles and give them to armorers and maintainers.
For frequent problems, I keep the articles that help solve them saved on my desktop for quick reference.         

Andrew Guilliams
Ft Hood, TX
Editor’s note: Andrew, thanks for sharing how you use PS Magazine articles. Here are more ways we recommend sharing the information found in our publication with those who need it most:
  1. Ensure you’re reading PS Magazine routinely to glean new content that affects your unit (or those you support) and its readiness.
  2. Download articles and save them on your computer, favorite them in your browser of choice, email them to yourself or print copies and save them in a binder.
  3. Share content (specific links) that matters to your unit’s or units’ readiness in periodic emails.
  4. Print out articles and share them with those who will gain immediate benefit from them.
  5. Download the annual index (1999-present) and highlight the articles you want to reference.
  6. Ask Soldiers if they’re visiting PS Magazine routinely. If they don’t know what PS Magazine is, give them a quick class.
  7. Add the PS Magazine URL to your signature block.
  8. Have a computer in the motor pool, supply room or common area that’s dedicated to reading PS Magazine.
It's worth noting that our active archives goes back to 1999. Just click on the Archive/Index tab and follow the instructions. When in doubt about whether older content is still valid or relevant, don't hesitate to email us at: