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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | May 21, 2021

M915 FOV: Operator Tips for When Hot Weather Hits

This article initially appeared in PS 751 (Jun 15), p. 38-40. [Use of highlighted asterisks indicate a change or update.]

Knowing how to care for your M915 FOV trucks in extreme heat is part of maintaining them. Keep reading to find out how you can keep your truck moving in hot weather.
  • Allow your truck’s engine to idle prior to shut down. This allows cool-down time in extreme heat.
  • Drain the fuel water separator daily.
  • Check the air conditioning system. If it’s not blowing cold air, have field maintenance check it for leaks before your mission.
If your truck has add-on armor (AoA), be sure to check daily for missing or loose bolts and look below for some helpful tips to consider.
Add-on Armor Considerations
  • AoA requires more frequent checks, so conduct vehicle checks at each stop during missions.
  • AoA affects vehicle handling and requires greater stopping distances.
  • AoA vehicles weigh more, so slow down before turning.
  • Extra weight affects engine exhaust brake operation.
  • AoA causes excessive wear on engine, driveline, brakes, suspension, and steering components.
  • AoA reduces visibility. Make sure you and your assistant driver stay alert.
More Operating Tips
  • Check tire pressure daily.
  • Check fluids daily. Remember to include checking fluids in your truck’s lead-acid batteries that aren’t maintenance free.
  • Check batteries for cracks.
  • Replace engine belts that show any sign of wear.
  • Clean air filters and radiator fins daily.
  • Wipe dirt from the fuel tank lid before opening it.
  • Avoid long, continuous high speeds; long, hard pulls; and continuous operation on soft terrain.
  • Cover windows when possible--but not while operating your vehicle. That keeps the inside temperature of your truck cooler.
  • For vehicles with CTIS, make sure the proper setting is selected for the surface on which you’re traveling.
  • Keep air conditioner fins free of dirt and sand.
  • Observe all gauges and indicator lights for proper readings. 
Recommended Fluids and Lubricants
  • Lubricate your vehicle and trailer daily. Wipe off the fittings first.
  • When temperatures reach 100°F, use OE/HDO-30 in the engine. In Freightliner trucks, use OE/HDO-40.
  • Use 15W40 in the transmission.* [See note below]
  • For vehicles equipped with a winch or a dump body, check fluid levels daily and use OE/HDO-10.
  • Use a 50/50 mixture of water and antifreeze in the radiator. 
As always follow the guidelines in the TM and Lubrication Order and when in doubt, contact Field Level Maintenance. Use these helpful tips to keep your M915 mission-ready in hot weather.**

Need assistance? Contact the TACOM M915 team inbox*** at:
* The original article included M915A1; it’s no longer supported.
** Mention of the Lubrication Order and Field Level Maintenance has been added.
*** This is an updated point-of-contact from the original article.
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